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  • Whistler FM - radio interview with Anna

    I've been on our local Whistler FM radio show a few times. Yes it's definitely always a bit nervous, but the staff is so friendly so at least sometimes you forget that you're sending live haha. You can listen to one of the interviews HERE. Or click the image below. I hope you like it!  
  • Article featuring Simply Sámi

    You can read about me and my handcraft in this article that was published earlier this month on the Entrepreneur's Break website. CLICK HERE or click on the photo below   
  • Horsehair Jewelry: Your Perfect Keepsake

    The majestic and mighty horse - personally one of my favourite animals!  For those who have ever spent any significant time with horses, you’ll understand their healing power. They can be our best friend, our therapist, our moment of peace, our connection to nature, and the best teacher to learn ...