Horsehair Jewelry

As a dedicated horse woman, and horse owner, Anna has specialized in creating very unique horsehair keepsake jewelry. Tail hair from your heart horse will be braided into a Sámi inspired bracelet that is fuelled with the spirit of your best friend. To inquire a custom made bracelet, please email Anna at (or fill in the Contact Form) and she will forward you all the information you'll need to collect hair and choose your design. Below are a few examples of designs, but many more are available as well as custom creations

“I have ordered a number of horsehair bracelets as memorial gifts for friends, and myself, from Anna. Every bracelet has been exquisitely made. The quality, attention to detail and unique design are immediately evident.  Anna has always been very thorough, making sure the final product is exactly right.  It is obvious she really cares about her work, and the result is a custom bracelet that is treasured by its recipient.  

These bracelets are unlike any other horsehair jewellery, and Anna has multiple beautiful design options, to suit every style.  The leather is soft and comfortable, and the horsehair is perfectly showcased and secured in such a way that the bracelet will stand up to frequent wear for years to come. I also really like being able to support a local small business, and will continue to be a repeat customer”  - Laura White, Pemberton, BC 

Horsehair bracelet jewelry

“I received my Simply Sami bracelets as a gift from my husband. They are not only beautiful but deeply meaningful keepsakes that I will cherish forever. Thank you Anna!” - Angie Field, Kamloops, BC  

Horsehair Jewelry Canada, Simply Sami Jewelry, Tannarmband, Pemberton BC

“I love Anna’s beautiful creations, and already own quite a few of her Sami bracelets.  So when I found my heart horse, there was no question on having her make a horsehair bracelet for me so I could have a bit of him with me wherever I go.  She went above and beyond and it’s now my favourite Simply Sami bracelet, and I wear it every day!” - Sarah Temporale, Pemberton, BC

Horsehair Jewelry Canada, Simply Sami Jewelry, Tannarmband, Pemberton BC



“I had seen and heard about Anna’s horse hair bracelets and thought it would be a great gift for my wife as her horse had passed on. What surprised me was the craftsmanship and cultural significance of the bracelet, combine this with the love for a special animal and you have a great treasure to keep forever” -Tim Coulson, Pemberton, BC 

“My niece loves her beautiful bracelet. She says it's a perfect color and the braiding reminds her of when she braids Cricket's hair. Pretty good review from a 12 year old :)“  -Recel Fajardo-Jardine, Victoria, BC