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Anna's Traditional Collection of Sámi jewelry is about preserving tradition, culture and honour family. It is important we celebrate what our ancestors have taught us. Anna hopes these pieces of jewelry will inspire you to get back to your roots, stand up for who you are and what you believe in, and find harmony in Nature

IISO is named after Isokoski, which is our private little bay along the Kalix River in Tornedalen where our family cabin is locatedd

Width: 2.8cm

For Your Perfect Fit: Measure your wrist snug on its thinnest part in cm, then another 1-1.5cm to get the bracelet size depending on how loose you want the bracelet to fit

Care Note: Caring for your jewelry begins with being mindful of how to wear your pieces and when to take them off. Please always take off your Simply Sámi bracelet before showering, swimming or exercising as water and sweat deteriorates the leather. The spun pewter and sterling silver wire  requires minimal care, and will flatten down and take on a silver-like shiny patina over time. You can polish the wire and silver tag with a soft cloth, and the leather can be cleaned with leather conditioning if very dirty 

When you are not wearing the jewelry, keep the bracelets stored in its box or bag to keep them from exposure to outside element. Please keep the necklaces tied together tight, and leave them hanging from the leather part

Please be aware that a new Simply Sámi bracelet can feel a little stiff, but it quickly softens as you wear it. Same thing with the loop; it is made a little snug as the leather softens and the loop gets softer and slightly bigger after a few days of you wearing it

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Audrey Martin
Wearable pieces of art to empower and inspire

I received two of Anna's bracelets as a gift and have fallen in love with them. The way they make me feel so beautiful, strong, empowered and connected to something beyond my time. I absolutely adore my Simply Sami bracelets and wear them all the time! Can't wait to add more to my collection <3 Beautiful work with such attention to detail.

Gorgeous Jewelry

Love love love these bracelets that Anna makes. When I saw it for the first time I fell in love with them! So gorgeous, gentle... beautiful! I thought it will be my gift from me to me for my next birthday. I have it now and just love it. It feels comfortable on the wrist, the feeling of leather is awesome. I will be another one for sure as additional to this wide bracelet. Thank you Anna!

Kristen Sciberras
Gifted bracelet

I was gifted some of these beautiful bracelets a few month ago now and I barley take them off. I'm truly surprised how well they're holding up considering how tough I am on them! putting it through water and such. I get compliments on them all of the time and I'm always so proud to tell them where I got it. I am so excited to order more myself and to keep adding to my forever growing collection of Simply Sámi jewelry.

Susan Smith
Art with deep meaning

I must say after purchasing my Ilso and Stella (bracelet and choker) from Simply Sámi, I have not used any other jewelry that I have accumulated over the years. They simply are beautiful pieces of art that have deep meaning and I feel closer to my true self when wearing them. The new designs coming out now are stunning! You will find that you will be purchasing clothing to match the jewelry instead of the other way around!

Ida Olsson
Thank you so much!

I can honestly say that Anna's jewelry is incredibly well made, the reindeer leather feels so soft and the silver thread looks amazing. All the details are truly perfect and I feel strong and beautiful wearing this. Thank you so much Anna!